Thursday, November 9, 2017

Yellow Cole Haan Oxford Shoes

I never thought I could ever wear a yellow colored shoes but I bought them anyhow because they are my size, they are Cole Haan which is my favorite brand, and for the price of $20.00? Come on, now! When my husband saw them, he was like, “Those are freaking ugly! Please don’t wear them!” I just gave him an annoying laughter.

I have worn them thrice already. The first time was in Reno, Nevada  attending a Joan Jett concert at the Grand Sierra Hotel and Casino with my co-workers. While on the hotel elevator, a lady asked me the brand name. She did not say she liked them, perhaps she thought to just say something while looking at them, seriously, everyone notices them! They look like screaming at someone’s face when I wear them, lol! They are like, “Hey, look at us! Aren't we gorgeous?" And as expected, my co-workers at the concert made a comment about them. Haha!

The second time I wore them was in Las Vegas, Nevada while roaming around the Strip with my elementary school classmate and a schoolmate and her friend. They actually complement my classmate's shoes which are red in color.

The third time was in Davao, Philippines while malling at the Abreeza Mall with my sister-in-law Helen who has a really good taste in clothes and shoes and she liked my shoes.

My husband was wrong. My shoes are gorgeous, they are very comfy and the price was a steal! And guess what? I fell in love with them that I bought a pair of fuchsia pink months ago, same style but not same price though and I have not broken them in yet, hopefully soon though.

Thank you for dropping by at my blog. I appreciate it a lot!

Have a good one!

Monday, August 15, 2016

My First Dooney & Bourke Hand Bag

Who would not love this gorgeous pink and white striped bag with leather trimmings and handles from Dooney&Bourke?

I love this bag! I'd only use it on spring time just because. 

I purchased it in new without tag condition for $80 from Poshmark, original price was $255. Not too bad, ain't it?

Just sharing! 

Thank you for dropping by! Have a good one!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Poshmark Find: Gorgeous Orange Cole Haan Loafers

These pair of Cole Haan shoes were my first purchase from Poshmark and my first Cole Haan brand ever. The original price was $198.00 and I got it for $35.00 which is not bad for a brand new without tag item.

Orange is not my favorite color but it is not my least favorite either. I bought them for fall but I've liked them so much that I would wear them anytime I want.

If you have not ever shopped at Poshmark before, check this app. out. You may find the stuff that you have been looking for or sell the stuff that you have been wanting to get rid of. Please use my invite code HDQCZ to get $5.00 credit when you sign up. Leave me a comment if you have questions.

Thank you and have good one!