Friday, October 19, 2012

Thrift Store find: Painting in Canvass by Patricia Pinto

Coconut tree by Patricia Pinto

info about the painter at the back  of the canvass

I got it from the Thrift store where I  work as a volunteer for $2.50 only. The original price was $5.00 but I have 50% discount being a volunteer. I am not really a fan of  any kind of painting but I like this particular painting because of the coconut tree. I kinda miss coconut trees, you know :)

I searched the name of the artist online to check if she really was existing and if she was, I would like to know how much was the worth of her paintings. I did find her name! The price for the above painting is more than $180.00. 

I thought I got a great deal!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Garage Sale Find: Empanada Presser

Empanada presser
I love Empanada!  

When I saw this  presser in a garage sale last month, I grabbed it right away. I got it for $1.00 only. Ain't that fabulous?

I am excited to make empanada  one of these days :)

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thrift Store Find: Vintage Tupperware Mixing Bowl

Tupperware bowl

My friend Emy and I went to a local thrift store two weeks ago to look around for something that might catch our eyes. There I found this vintage Tupperware bowl in almost new condition for $3.00. I checked the bottom of the bowl and it says, "Made in USA". I bought it right away :) Here in the United States, you seldom see stuff that are made from here, seriously. 

Looking at this in my cabinet reminds me of my Tupperware stuff back home.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Thriftshop Finds: Wooden Salt and Pepper Shakers

Shakers :)

I've been wanting a good pair of salt and pepper shakers for a long time and I keep forgetting every time hubby and I go to WalMart. I am glad I found a beautiful pair from a thrift store in Reno. They were very new! I checked both for any scratches but found nothing. 

The price was $1.99 for both. What a screaming deal!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thriftstore Finds: Small Vision Corning Ware Saucepan with Handle and with Pyrex Cover

My kitchen aid :)

I got them from my favorite thrift store in Reno last week. The saucepan was $2.99 and the cover was $1.99. I was too excited to buy them because they would make a good pair with this Large Vision saucepan  I got from a garage sale 2 weeks before. 

I think they are cute! Whatjayathink?

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Garage Sale Find: Large VISION Corning Ware Saucepan with Pyrex Cover

Large VISION Corning Ware Saucepan with Pyrex cover

I was holding this at a garage sale checking inside out for some cracks or damages, when a lady  (one of the customers) told me to buy it because it is very useful in the kitchen. She said she owns the same and she's been using it for quite a long time. She said she uses hers in the oven, stove top and gas range and still in perfect shape.

I was kinda convinced but when I checked the price it was $6.00 and I didn't like it, hehehe! The lady said to try to offer a lower price to the owner. I did... for $4.00. And the owner said, "Yes, I could do that!" with a warm smile. I wanted to jump in front of her!

So there, I handed her my $5.00 bill and got a dollar back :)

I used this saucepan yesterday when hubby made "lambing" for a pasta salad. It was perfect in boiling pasta. I was a happy camper!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Sale Find": Ashley Coach Wallet

SRP is $258.00

 I got this lovely wallet for $90.00 only from my friend Ann. Thanks to her.

As what I have mentioned in my previous posts, I have no right to splurge since I have two teeners in college back home, but the offer was irresistible since she offered it for "payable when able" basis, hehehe! Great deal, isn't it?

It's  perfect for my Coach Ashley bag  which I also got from her. 

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Garage Sale/Yard Sale Find: Pyrex Glass Loaf Dish

One thing I would look for when I go to a garage sales/ yard sales is glassware like the good stuff in the photo below, which I bought  for $1.50 for both. I was very happy to find them because I've been wanting to try baking since I got here in the US.

Pyrex Glass Loaf Dish
But I have actually forgotten them for a long time until today, when I decided to bake Banana Loaf Bread. I've only just used them for the first time :)

Thanks for the visit. I really appreciate it.

And here I wish you a good morning/afternoon/evening... Bechay

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Gorgeous Ashley Coach Purse

Ashley Purse- $358.00

Thanks a lot to my very good friend Ann.

Because of her, I was able to acquire this gorgeous bag so cheap. The original price was $358.00 but I got it for $(secret).00 only with free shipping, and payment is staggered. Yup, you read it right, "staggered", hehehe!

Ann, Emy, Yuny and I got so lucky to own a coach bag without hurting our pockets. It was Ann's friend from L.A. who got a promo offer from Coach, bought the bags and charged the amount against her credit card. Apparently, her friend wanted to increase her credit line, something to that effect.

I am looking forward to a coach wallet in the next 2 months.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Coach Promo

I have been receiving Coach Promo offer in my mail since I bought this black shoes from them last December 2010 but I always ignore it because the products are too pricey. They only offer "sale" online for shoes only, never for bags and for other stuff unless they offer it via post office, but with amount of purchase requirement.

Last February, the offer was a $100.00 discount for every $300.00 worth of purchase. I just bought my Guess watch and my Rayban prescription glasses that time before I got the exclusive offer so I did not buy anything from them.

I was hoping to get good deal from them again and hoping I could also afford it. Luckily, someone offered me a good bargain. Yep, I've got a Coach purse now. It's really beautiful! And I bought it so cheap! Thanks to my friend's friend. And thanks to my man for buying it for me.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Latest Thriftshop Find: Fossil Leather Purse


back part of the bag

so leather!

Last week I went to the local thriftshop to donate some stuff. Afterwards, I checked the store's purse/bag section. Then I saw this Fossil leather bag, a Rosette brand shoulder bag and a brandless cross-body bag for $3.00 each. After checking them inside out, I bought them right away :)

Everytime hubby sees me bringing stuff like bags/purse from a thriftshop/store, he would grin and say, "Mahal, you remind me of  Imelda Marcos, it's just that you like bags not shoes." And I would reply, "Oh, whatever.. You should be happy that I don't shop at the malls/boutique." He would say, "You can do whatever you want." Hehehe!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Garage Sale Find: Cute Blue Purse


It was my friend Emy who first saw this cutie purse in a garage sale last summer. She thought I'm going to like it so she showed it to me and asked me if I want to buy it. 

At first I was like, "Hmm. How much? She said, "$1.50." I asked, "Is it okey if I will buy it? You've seen it first." She said, "Yes, of course, that's why I asked you, silly girl!" I bought it right away. That's Emy. She is a "giver", hehehe! I also do the same when I find something that I think looks good on her.

The purse is not branded but it is in very good condition. I've only used it twice but I got compliments how pretty and cute it is.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

My First Thriftshop Find: Fossil Purse

As far as I can remember, this purse was my first thrift shop find about 3 years back. My family went to Carson City and hubby dropped me and my daughter Jen off in a thrift shop while he and my son Jun went somewhere. When I saw this purse, I fell in love with it right away but  I was a little skeptical to buy it because it was really very pricey. As in really pricey.

I remember I was holding it while having deep thoughts should I buy it or not, checking the purse inside out looking for some flaws (there was none) when Jen said to buy it. That's what I did. I bought it :)

Oh, the price of this was $15.00 (if my mind serves me right). Pretty expensive huh? But it was all worth it because I believed that fossil is a good brand. I think I was right, wasn't I? 

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sale Find: RayBan Prescription Eyewear

One thing I do not like when I start shopping online is I can't help myself to browse more for something else. Grrr! The day after hubby told me to buy this Guess watch from, I've found these cute Rayban glasses, from the same online store. I bought them right there and then without telling hubby. So bad me.

The glasses that I am wearing  now are still working good but I can't wait to wear new ones next year :)

Anyway, before I forgot, the original price of these glasses is $148.00 and I got them for $80.00 with free shipping.

Good deal, huh?

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Thrift Shop Find: Xoxo Red Handbag

My other son Chad took me to a thrift shop last month when hubby and I flew to visit him and his  then fiancee, now his wife, Jenny in Surprise, Arizona.

He knew that I am crazy for thrift shopping, hehehe! Anyway, I bought 1 Guess top, 4 pairs of new branded pants, and this handbag/purse. This purse is new without tag for $5.99 only.

Good deal, ain't it?

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Clearance/Sale Find: Skechers Shape Up

I bought two pairs of Skechers Shape Up from different webstores last summer. The above pair are from and the other one was from The other one's color is pink/silver (I did not post a photo because it's been "very" used and unattractive already). I bought them for my everyday walking exercises.

Anyway, I purchased them (in the photo) for $47.00 plus tax, free shipping. The pink one was $50.00 plus tax plus but I had to pay the cost of the shipping. The original price was I think $80.00. I felt so stupid when I found out that the Skechers' website has always been offering huge promotion and free shipping at the same time. I could have bought the shoes directly from their site with no shipping cost.  Lesson learned.

But for me, they are still fabulous finds though. Do you agree?

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Clearance/Sale Find: Coach Black Shoes

I purchased this nice pair 40% off the original price (I forgot the amount). I paid like $110.00 including tax and shipping. I've been receiving promo from Coach in my mail box since then but I haven't purchased from them again yet because they are pricey.

But I might buy the sling bag that I've been eyeing for quite some time now, if I get a promo card this month as my Valentine gift for myself :)

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yard Sale Find: The Twilight Saga Triology for $.25

"How about a quarter?", said the yard sale owner when my friend Yuny asked for the price of the books for me. I was like, "Ah ok, $.25 for each book... not bad." The owner said, "No, a quarter for all of them." I was like, "I will buy them!" I grabbed the books right away  and gave the owner my quarter from my coin purse.

The books are really in excellent condition. The photo above doesn't give justice to the condition of the books. Blame it to my celphone camera. Anyway, although the "Breaking Dawn" (hardcovered) has a tiny tear in the bottom of the right corner side  (refer to the photo), I still considered it as my greatest deal that day.

I so love bargains!

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Clearance/Sale Find: Guess Denim Purse (Blue)

Like this purse, I also purchased this one online via Guess website. Actually, I bought them at once. Shopping online is hassle-free but is kinda upsetting when the stuff arrives and it doesn't look like what you are expecting for, something to that effect.

Anyway, I got it 50% off the original price ($128.00)  so it is already a good find. It is wide and big so I usually take it with me everytime we go to Reno. I also had brought it with me during my visit to the Philippines last year.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Thrift Shop Find: DKNY Denim Long Jacket Coat

I so love this jacket coat!  I considered it as one of my best possessions because it is DKNY :)

I bought it for $6.99 from a thrift store in Reno. The Asian Store (Manila Hongkong) in Reno has 3 thrift shops nearby so after I'm done with my Pinoy foods shopping, I'd go to one of the stores afterwards to look around and to buy if I see good finds.

I spend long hours inside the store, sometimes hubby would complain especially if he waited like 2 to 3 hours and when I'm done, I check out 2 or 3 items only, sometimes, nothing. Well, that's just me, hehehe! Before I buy anything especially from a thrift store, I would check the item inside out to make sure that it's a good find, otherwise, it's just a waste of money.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Clearance/Sale Find: Guess Denim Purse (Beige)

I was  looking for a nice purse to compliment my beige boots last night when I saw this purse still wrapped in shopping bag by the farthest end of my closet. I was like, "Ayayay, there you are!" I have forgotten this purse for a long time. I purchased it online a year ago.

I got this Guess purse for half the original price ($115.00), plus free shipping. I actually bought two purses that time. I don't really like to shop online because it's kinda addictive. Many times that I ended up not using the stuff especially those Levi's jeans I bought. It's just a waste of money.

Anyway, this purse is one of my favorites because it is "branded" and I bought it new :)

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Garage/Yard Sale Finds: Pink Boots and Pink Purse

I have already posted a blog about these two gorgeous stuff in my Straight from Bechay blog. These are my most favorites among my fabulous finds because I always get compliments everytime I wear them. The brand is unknown but I bought them very cheap. I bought the pink boots for $3.00 in new condition from a yard sale and the bag/purse for $1.00 in a very good condition from a garage sale. Yup, they were from different owners.

I love going to yard/garage/estate sales every summer to look around and to buy if I find good stuff  like books, kitchen gadgets, accessories, etc. I am one of those people who believes this saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure".

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thrift Shop Find: Kathy Van Zeeland Purse

My gay friend Pinky just moved in to his new apartment last week and he needed table and chairs. A Filipina who is working as a volunteer in one of the Thrift Shops has informed him that they got table and chairs over there so I drove him to the said shop to check.

While he was checking the stuff, I looked around for just anything. Then I saw this white purse... I was like, "Hmm. This is pretty!" I checked it inside and out to make sure that it has no defect. I did not find one. I wanted to run to the cashier to pay it right there and then until I saw the price. I was like, "$6.00! This is too much!" I only pay up to $3.99 on purses I found in yard/garage sales, and thrift shop. I don't "splurge" on second hand stuff, hehehe!

Pinky said it's already a good find so I bought it anyway :)

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