Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yard Sale Find: The Twilight Saga Triology for $.25

"How about a quarter?", said the yard sale owner when my friend Yuny asked for the price of the books for me. I was like, "Ah ok, $.25 for each book... not bad." The owner said, "No, a quarter for all of them." I was like, "I will buy them!" I grabbed the books right away  and gave the owner my quarter from my coin purse.

The books are really in excellent condition. The photo above doesn't give justice to the condition of the books. Blame it to my celphone camera. Anyway, although the "Breaking Dawn" (hardcovered) has a tiny tear in the bottom of the right corner side  (refer to the photo), I still considered it as my greatest deal that day.

I so love bargains!

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