Friday, March 23, 2012

Coach Promo

I have been receiving Coach Promo offer in my mail since I bought this black shoes from them last December 2010 but I always ignore it because the products are too pricey. They only offer "sale" online for shoes only, never for bags and for other stuff unless they offer it via post office, but with amount of purchase requirement.

Last February, the offer was a $100.00 discount for every $300.00 worth of purchase. I just bought my Guess watch and my Rayban prescription glasses that time before I got the exclusive offer so I did not buy anything from them.

I was hoping to get good deal from them again and hoping I could also afford it. Luckily, someone offered me a good bargain. Yep, I've got a Coach purse now. It's really beautiful! And I bought it so cheap! Thanks to my friend's friend. And thanks to my man for buying it for me.

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