Monday, March 12, 2012

My First Thriftshop Find: Fossil Purse

As far as I can remember, this purse was my first thrift shop find about 3 years back. My family went to Carson City and hubby dropped me and my daughter Jen off in a thrift shop while he and my son Jun went somewhere. When I saw this purse, I fell in love with it right away but  I was a little skeptical to buy it because it was really very pricey. As in really pricey.

I remember I was holding it while having deep thoughts should I buy it or not, checking the purse inside out looking for some flaws (there was none) when Jen said to buy it. That's what I did. I bought it :)

Oh, the price of this was $15.00 (if my mind serves me right). Pretty expensive huh? But it was all worth it because I believed that fossil is a good brand. I think I was right, wasn't I? 

Thanks for dropping by :)

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