Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Latest Thriftshop Find: Fossil Leather Purse


back part of the bag

so leather!

Last week I went to the local thriftshop to donate some stuff. Afterwards, I checked the store's purse/bag section. Then I saw this Fossil leather bag, a Rosette brand shoulder bag and a brandless cross-body bag for $3.00 each. After checking them inside out, I bought them right away :)

Everytime hubby sees me bringing stuff like bags/purse from a thriftshop/store, he would grin and say, "Mahal, you remind me of  Imelda Marcos, it's just that you like bags not shoes." And I would reply, "Oh, whatever.. You should be happy that I don't shop at the malls/boutique." He would say, "You can do whatever you want." Hehehe!

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