Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Garage Sale Find: Large VISION Corning Ware Saucepan with Pyrex Cover

Large VISION Corning Ware Saucepan with Pyrex cover

I was holding this at a garage sale checking inside out for some cracks or damages, when a lady  (one of the customers) told me to buy it because it is very useful in the kitchen. She said she owns the same and she's been using it for quite a long time. She said she uses hers in the oven, stove top and gas range and still in perfect shape.

I was kinda convinced but when I checked the price it was $6.00 and I didn't like it, hehehe! The lady said to try to offer a lower price to the owner. I did... for $4.00. And the owner said, "Yes, I could do that!" with a warm smile. I wanted to jump in front of her!

So there, I handed her my $5.00 bill and got a dollar back :)

I used this saucepan yesterday when hubby made "lambing" for a pasta salad. It was perfect in boiling pasta. I was a happy camper!

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  1. hi ins, tag 3thou plus jud na diri ins.. hehe nakabuy ko 1 ana last yr,1yr to pay sa akong officemate.. nice jud kay neat kaau ang kitchen kung mao ang gamiton.. plan ko kuha na pud but, dili pa karon kay murag hangak pa mi sa among monthly bills hehehe

  2. Pagkamahal ba diay lan! Unya ako duha2x pa mopalit ato nga time, hehehe! Pero giganahan gyud ko, naa na pod koy napalit na pod lan sa thrift store, kana nalang diay akong una nga pangitaun :)


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